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Source Repository


General Programming

Writing READMEs
Introduction to Python Programming
Example Google Style Python Docstrings
Example NumPy Style Python Docstrings
Python, Memory, and Objects
How Do YOU Become A Developer?

Advanced OOP

Python’s Instance, Class, and Static Methods Demystified: This article explains different types of methods that can be accessed at the class or object level.
Class and Instance Attributes: You can also define attributes at the class level or at the instance level.
Mixins for Fun and Profit: A class can inherit from multiple parent classes.
Primer on Python Decorators: Decorators are a short-hand way to use functions inside other functions.



W3Schools HTML Tags
W3C Validator


Starter Template
Column Grid Explanation
Containers and Responsive Layout
Navigation Bars
Font Colors


A successful Git branching model
Version Control with Git
About merge conflicts
How to version control your production machine learning models
Version Control ML Model


Beginner’s Guide to Contributing to a Github Project
Contributing to a Github Project

Data Science

Data Science & Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Introduction to Machine Learning Course
Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning
Intro to Deep Learning with PyTorch
Neural networks - 3Blue1Bro


Intro to Statistics
Intro to Descriptive Statistics
Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra
Linear Algebra Courses (edX)
Linear Algebra by MIT (OCW MIT)
Essence of linear algebra - - 3Blue1Bro

Big Data

Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce
Deploying a Hadoop Cluster
Real-time Analytics with Apache Storm
Big Data Analytics in Health Care


AWS Certified Machine Learning
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