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Getting Started

Getting Started

Data Sets
The difference between the two files is .xlsx contains most of the information; instead, the .csv file only contains the “Region” and “Returned” information. However, they all use “Order ID” as the unique identifier. Therefore, it is a good example to show how to connect two files in one sheet which have some relationship.

Home Page

Connect to file

Data Source Page

Open sheets or tables

Open plural tables

Create integrated data source

Edit the join type

Edit the match field of data source
Metadata Management

Change field character type

Custom split

Connection type

Sheet Page

Import fields and set measures

Dimensions are categories fields. These are fields hat we want to slice and dice our numerical data by.
Dimensions are often discrete.

Measures are metrics. They are the numbers we want to analyze.
Measures are often continuous.
Continuous fields create axes in the chart and their pills are color coded green.

Improve the resolution

Import fields and set measures

Show detail

Change chart

Improve the resolution

Change the Dimensions' or Measures' type

Quick table calculation

More chart

Tooltips - 1

Tooltips - 2


Image share

Copy to Excel

Copy to new sheet - 1

Copy to new sheet - 2

Swap columns and rows

Change view option

Change color

Change mark type

Show highlighter
Symbol Maps

Show Me

Show me is a simple tool to help us create an effective view when we do know the data we want to look at but do not know how to create it.

Drag a subclass

Detail in a map chart


Create a group

Import new created data group


Edit Filters
Horizontal Bars

Horizontal Bars

Create hierarchies

Sort the data

Scatter Plots

Scatter Plots

Show more detail

Disaggregate data

Change Marks Type

Edit label

Analytics - Trend Line


As shipping cost goes up, the profits go up less sharply in furniture. But the R-squared is too low to prove it.

Show more detail

Dashboard Page

Show sheets

New dashboard

Import sheets to the dashboard

Change the Filters

Show mark on all sheets

Story Page

Story Page

Make first page

Add a dashboard to the story

Set the dashboard size

Set the 2nd slide

Update slide

Share workbook

Share workbook


During this process, we finally located the issue that the reason of sales fall down not because of the seasonality and the furniture’s shipping cost is to high.