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The motivation that most encourage me is never a short profit on the surface. It is an interesting idea or behavior that may change people’s life. Just like this LinkedIn profile and my resume. There are too many valuable things will covered by dust leading to most of people could not find out them.

How to dig out the real treasure avoiding them not to be ignored? How to predict the future bypass failure? How to improve efficiency result in save the money and life?

Elevator Pitch

Tell me about your self

Who are you

Hi, my name is Zacks Shen. I am a student of Analytics at Northeastern University who is desiring to become an outstanding data scientist. Cause I’m fascinated by the truth and principle underneath the data, whatever economics, psychology, technology, or others.

I spent six years to learn the knowledge of IT and four years to trade in the stock market. I am trying to learn more to understand the world. I am proficient in statistics, modeling, analyzing, visualization, operating systems, SQL, and networking. Recently, I am re-typesetting my more than 1 million words study note to markdown style and upload to my website Blog is a great platform to record my precious ideas and experience, which could prove the time I spent is valuable.

I am an adventurous man. I hope to apply my knowledge in the new challenging position to change the world. I also want to learn more from the job and colleagues. I am not ready to make everything perfect. But I really enjoy the feeling of overcoming the challenges and make things better.

Why you are qualified

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